About Us

About Us

Our Vision & Technology, It’s all about Your Values & Needs

XeronVision’s ultimate value is human being.

Our mission is to create unlimited energy of positive loop that entails individuals growing amidst the XeronVision and those individuals growing the companies in turn. XeronVision’s goal is to ensure co-prosperity of all the individuals, groups and companies that journey along with us based on this type of positive loop unlimited energy.

15 Years

About us


We are a vision system specialized group that provides industrial/security image related products, systems, and infra services.

We are building diverse products, ideas, sharing market information and amassing knowledge of high value added services and technologies based on the close networking with various developers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Syncronization with 360° Panoramic ,PTZ Camera view


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We lead the XeronVision based on long-term cooperation, experience and knowledge of surveillance market. We share our goal and vision internally so that we can cultivate the business all together without wavering. We are working with a number of partners in various fields. Our principle of the spirit of cooperation is the mutual growth and we always keep this in mind. We always go the extra mile for keeping the tradition we made.

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